Where's William?  

Where, you ask? This list might help.

Covalent Technologies
where I'm a Senior Software Engineer and Release Manager, handling new product development and maintenance, training and professional services. Covalent is the #1 technology provider for service and support around the ASF's Apache Web Server to the Fortune 1000.
The Apache Software Foundation
of which I'm a member. I'm a contributor to both the Apache http Server Project and the Apache Portablility Runtime Project. I primarily focus on issues of Windows portability (Win32 API) which I keep notes for here, as well as security and optimization. Usually found on these project's dev@ lists, occasionally I'm also able to catch some of the @users list. I'm often on the irc://irc.freenode.net/#apr and irc://irc.freenode.net/#httpd-dev channels (nickname wrowe) helping out developers and raising questions myself.
If you have a question and users@ doesn't help, forward me your original users@ post so I can look and perhaps respond on-list. But never privately send me user issues, I won't answer (or will deliver a sharp repremand). When the entire world can google your question and my answer, for the next poor soul with the same question, that's helpful! Privately helping users is costly in time and aggrivation, so contact Covalent for a support contract if you are looking for that sort of help.
The Gurnee/Lindenhurst Jaycees
is a terrific organization for adults between the ages of 18 and 40, of which I served as President, Chairman of the Board, and now as their State Director. Newcomers are always welcome, the organization focuses on leadership and management development of all of members by running projects for the community, including an individual development program focusing on personal and professional skills and networking. Did I mention the social events? Great Fun!
The Palatine Jaycees
where I grew up - and first joined the organization. A great group of people if you live in the Palatine area, this is the largest Jaycee chapter in the State of Illinois, and organizes the entire four to five day 4th of July festival for it's community, amoung many other terrific projects.
The North Region Jaycees
covering Lake and northern Cook counties, where I served as Chairman of the Board and Region Director. This Region supports 14 chapters serving some 600+ members. If you are interested in the Jaycees throughout the NW Chicago Suburbs (or anywhere else in the State for that matter), just ask, and I'd be happy to fill you in!
Millburn Congregational Church
a wonderful 'small town' church still hiding in the ever expanding Lake County, it is a member of the United Church of Christ. The congregation has a rich history of service, including serving as a layover on the underground railroad, and providing the first mutual fire insurance in the State of Illinois. The building actually stood as the Fourth Congregational Church of Oak Park until fire destroyed the second Millburn Church in the '30s, and the building was moved to its present home in Millburn.
My Resume
or as close as it comes. I've chosen LinkedIn to track my collegues and associates, and share my professional background. If you aren't a member you really should subscribe, it's free and much more useful than the traditional hard copy resume.